Wedding on Klis – Game of Thrones location

Wedding on Klis

Game of Thrones location ( 2 days )

This organization includes:

Accommodation for 20 persons in a luxury hotel Le Meridien Lav 5* ( 2 nights)

Exclusive dinner in courses for 20 persons on Klis fortress

Marriage officiant and court interpreter

Wedding bouquet, floral decoration for the groom, best man and a made of honor

Wedding Photographer

Wedding Cake


According to your desires we can add in the offer:

• Beverages, music, make up and hairstyle, transfer, excursion trips, etc

Intresting information for Game of Thrones lovers. YES!

This is one of the set locations!


Destination Klis fortress

The Klis Fortress ( Tvrđava Klis) is a medieval fortress situated above a village bearing the same name, near the city of Split, in central Dalmatia, Croatia. From its origin as a small stronghold built by the ancient Illyrian tribe Dalmatae, becoming a royal castle that was the seat of many Croatian kings, to its final development as a large fortress during the Ottoman wars in Europe. Klis Fortress has guarded the frontier, being lost and re-conquered several times throughout its more-than-two-thousand-year-long history. Due to its location on a pass that separates the mountains Mosor and Kozjak , the fortress served as a major source of defense in Dalmatia, especially against the Ottoman advance, and has been a key crossroad between the Mediterranean belt and the Balkan rear.


Hotel Le Méridien Lav 5*http://www.lemeridienlavsplit.com/ , Podstrana. Set along the pristine coastline of the Adriatic sea and featuring clear emerald waters just a stone’s throw from Split, the hotel’s unique setting offers the perfect starting point from which to explore the Dalmatian coast.

The advantages of wedding in Croatia?

1. Wedding will be held in luxurious atmosphere, your wedding photos and memories will be unforgettable! Your guests will be impressed.

2. Perfect weather for having a wedding in Croatia: in April, May, September and October – in period of off-season when the prices are much lower then in high season!

During the low season there are not so many tourists. In April and May – spring time, Mediterranean flowers and plants bloom, sunny days. In September and October, sea temperatures is the same as in summer. Your guests can spend more time on the Adriatic coast. Enjoy the sea, nature, climate and clean air.


Tatiana Pavliuk


Anita Galić

touristic agancy director


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We want to remind you that the procedure for preparing the wedding takes time, so please contact us in advance. We reccommend 3-4 months before the event.

Available: whole year.
Our advice will be: spring,summer and autumn period like perfect time for celebrating a wedding at this beautiful Klis fortress.